~Create selective tea with producers~
Creating together with producers
Maruzen tea policy – No.1
1. With producers
Over many decades we have conducted field surveys at tea-producing regions, held opinion-exchange and study sessions with producers. We even hold occasional meetings that include end-consumers in order to make the best quality tea. Using our decades of history and accumulation of knowledge, we have been able to develop our own purchasing routes and build strong partnership with farmers. This strong relationship with chosen producers enable us to provide “ safe and reliable “ tea to our customers.
~Strict quality control backed up with scientific evidence. ~
Complete quality control
Maruzen tea policy – No.2
2. Strict Quality Control
We give extra consideration to product “safety” so that customers can enjoy delicious and “reliable” tea. Maruzen’s policy “ Deliver Safe and Reliable Tea” is achieved through strict controls of storage, production and delivery in accordance with ISO 9001 criteria such as residual pesticide inspections and bacteria inspections for our products. Our product safety is backed up with scientific evidence.
~Always deliver fresh tea ~
Freshly-picked tea
Maruzen tea policy – No.3
3. Freshness
Tea leaves picked every year are stored in special refrigerator covered in Japanese cypress(Hinoki) which is made specifically for tea storage. The leaves are nitrogen-filled and made into vacuum state and kept in this special refrigerator at temperature of 0 – 5℃ and humidity of 50%. This enables the picked leaves to be kept as fresh as the time they were picked. Our freshness does not only come from our perfect storage management. We only process and blend as for every customer’s order. Only needed amount of tea is taken out to be processed and blended just before delivery.
~High quality tea at a low price~
High-quality tea at a low-price
Maruzen tea policy – No.4
4. High-quality tea at a low-price
To seek out the best quality tea, we visit tea-producing regions all over Japan and buy selective tea directly from farmers. This allows us to cut out middleman costs and provide high-quality tea to customers at an affordable price.